Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac 1.0 for blu-ray and video



Version: 2004 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Processor: Intel Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac 1.0 for blu-ray and video

Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac is the Mac application for Blu-ray movie and video lovers to easily share movies and recorded special moments on home theatre systems without the trouble of video formats. The iMedia Converter is a universal converter for Apple computers like iMac, MacBook. It is a combination of a Blu-ray ripper and a video converter.

Working as a Blu-ray ripper, you can insert home-made blu-ray videos and commercial Blu-ray DVD movies with encryption, and play the movies smoothly. The application will decrypt movies into titles and chapters for you to easily choose the main title or the preferred content.


Why choose Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac?
- Keep original Blu-ray movie quality with the full disc copy function.
- Enrich your NAS with more videos and songs and enjoy with home theatre systems.
- Help you put videos and Blu-ray movies to iPad, iPhone, XboX 360, Zune, Nexus One, Blackberry, etc.
- Convert MKV, Blu-ray video to Final Cut compatible formats for video editing and creation.
- Easily remove AACS(MKBv17), BD+ copy protection, region codecs from Blu-rays.
- Remove CSS, region code (RPC), copy protection from DVDs.
- Load video, DVD, Blu-ray within one program UI and save time for conversion.

Key Features:
Handle wide range videos, DVDs and Blu-rays
No matter the source video is a DVD movie, Blu-ray movie without or with encryptions like region code, AACS, BD+, the application make it possible for you to edit, convert and backup movies.
You can also import HD videos from AVCHD camcorders in M2TS format, MOD camcorders, TOD camcorders, or other videos like MKV, WMV, 3GP, MP4, RMVB, DAT for conversion.

Full disc copy to Mac computer and hard drive
There is DisckCopy option on the application after loading DVD or Blu-ray. If you just want to copy the full disc to your hard drive without encryption on the backup, just click the option and the files from DVD disc or Blu-ray disc will be saved on your computer in a short time.

Choose main title or particular chapter for conversion
The application offers two kinds of view modes for you to select the chapters or files when you load Blu-ray to the application. The application displays the main title as the first title in chapter mode, and list of M2TS files in file mode for Blu-ray movies. For widescreen DVD disc, the program displays chapter mode and it is easy to choose main title or chapter.

Directly copy preferred DVD chapter
The application enables you to choose certain chapters to directly copy to your hard drive, so that you can backup the favorite segment and remove the copy protection.

Easily convert TiVo video
The application helps you bring recorded TiVo video to editing software, computer or portable devices. You can install third party TiVo Desktop software or use MAK (Media Access Key) to load TiVo files for conversion to DV AVI, MP4. You can also directly copy TiVo to MPEG keeping the high quality at fast speed.

Edit video for presentation
No matter you want to put the output video to website, PowerPoint/Keynote presentation, or even burn to VCD, DVD, the simple video editing function in the application helps you trim and crop video as expected. You can even flip video, change video brightness, contrast, etc.

Remove interlacing artifacts
The application deinterlaces videos automatically, so that you do not need to worry about the visual effect of the output videos on computer, even though your source video is from camcorders with interlaced recording.

Perfect audio and video sync technology
With the optimized audio and video sync technology, the tool ensures you that there is no synchronization issue for the output files. Enjoy your mo


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