Automated Resource Allocation Mngmnt from a flat file mpp



Is there a MSP process to cause 1 or more projects flate filed into one
overall program flat file to relate their resources to the default task
allocation of a resource(e.g. Program level or flat file master) in a manner
that when the resource assignment allocation changes in a related project
that is physically located in the Program MSP flat file (mpp), that the
master resource allocation is automaticially reflects the change?

Here is the example:

Resource #1 is an IT operations resource who is allocated for the month at
160 hours. This same resource is also working one or more projects to some
level of effort e.g. 40 hours each. Each of these projects are contained in
the flat file mpp with the program. When the allocation changes for Resource
#1 at the related project level to now be more e.g. 50% instead of 25% how
can I cause the operations task allocation to be reduced automatically be the
amount of the change?

Is this at all possible in MSP 2003 Standard? If so how? Thank You!



Jim Aksel

Project will not reduce a resource assignment to remove an overallocation,
you will have to do that manually.

Take a look at Resource Leveling which would allow you to extend the LOE
tasks to reduce the overalloaction.

Also consider a Resource Pool along with a Master/Subproject file. You
would set up one file of resources (a pool) and then have a master project
(in effect an index) with all your subproject files in it. Assign resources
to the subprojects from the pool. Now you will be able to see
overallocations and make changes as needed.
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Jim Aksel, MVP

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