Automatically backup a PST file without closing and losing it?

Apr 1, 2015
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At my workplace we run Outlook 2003 on our workstations for our e-mail client. All of our desktops have their pst files stored on a fileserver, but the laptops have them stored locally so that they can check their e-mails while at home. I have been given the task to get these things backed up regularly.

The problem is that most of them need Outlook open the entire time they are in the office and are in and out at irregular times. I tried setting an auto-close and copy script at around lunch time with many complaints. Right now I have pfbackup installed and it asks to be backed up every week, but I don't trust all of them to actually click backup.

During my search I've come across a few programs that claim to be able to backup a .pst file while it is open and/or do incremental backups to reduce the time it takes (some of these files are HUGE. I tested one and it corrupted the pst file.

Does anyone have any recommendations?


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