Averaging Data across multiple sheets



I've dabbled in excel over the years but have hit a cross roads. I hel
teach a middle school track summer camp. Now every week we do certai
timed activities and keep track of the results. Here is the problem-
can't find a way to average these results.

My excel sheet is set up with 5 sheets. Sheets 1-4 Being labeled Week1
Week2, Week3, Week4 and sheet 5 is for my calculations. Each sheet i
set up identical with students name in column A (i.e. John, Tim, Sarah
Connie) and the timed events in the remaining columns (ex. 100m, 200m
3 cone drill, etc, etc)

Now I would like to have a master sheet that will tell me Johns (an
every other students) average time for each event across the 4 wee
period. (i.e. average time for 100m, 200m, 3 cone drill, etc) Th
problem i seem to be running into is that John is not always in cell A
one week he will be in cell A1 the next week he will be in cell A19.

Any help would be appreciated


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