Avoiding Leads, using SVT, and Linking Tasks correctly

Aug 30, 2017
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Assume there's a project, Project A. Project A is made up of a series of software tasks that result in a series of design review meetings with the customer (Preliminary Design, Detail Design...). In addition, Project A has a number of deliverables that are required along the way, in the form of support documents. The due dates of these deliverables are worded "due 10 days before Preliminary Design Review meeting" or "due 30 days before x."

My question: knowing that negative lag (a.k.a. "lead") is considered a no-no by the DCMA, how do I link a deliverable to the review showing a 10 day lead time WITHOUT using a negative lag. Also, taking into consideration the following,

1) if the date of the review meeting changes, the deliverable due date should also change, while maintaining the 10 day lead time;

2) there is typically not a concrete task that defines when a deliverable can be prepared. It's not really a "now I've read the book so I can begin my book report" situation. That makes predecessors and using Schedule Visibility Tasks difficult (unless I'm doing that wrong :)).

3) if possible, the deliverable should not drive the task. Meaning, if we were to deliver the document 3 days before the review, the review would still occur on the scheduled date. It wouldn't be delayed for 10 days to elapse.


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