Backup Project from project server 2007




We are using project server 2007 in Single server installation mode.

I want to take backup of Individual Projects so that in case of some issues
we can quickly work on the .mpp files offline.

Here are the steps I want to follow.

1. Launch Project Pro and log into Project Server
2. Open the project that you want to backup
3. From the Menu Bar, click File --> Save As --> Save As File
4. Save the project as an .mpp file

My Question is

1. If we open a project from project server, then the project is Locked. If
we use file-> save as and save the file locally will the the lock will e
released on the project server 2007?

2. What is the best way to take backup of Individual projects?

Thank you




I think the best way to back up your projects would be to back them up to the
archived database. To do this go to PWA as an administrator, server
settings, Administrative backup. In the Backup page, you can select projects
from the "Items for Backup" list. Then click backup. I believe this backs
up all of your published projects. Use administrative restore to get them
back on the server. Keep in mind that if you restore, you replace the
current copy with the latest backup.

Hope this helps. :)


When we back using admin mode, where does this files saved? In SQL database?

My concern is if there is a Hardware failure and if it takes to obtain
Hardware, then the project work will come to a halt. So having a separate
project file as a backup, the project manager can use the backup file offline
and work on it.

Is there any way to get backup as individual .MPP files?

Andrew Lavinsky

You could always have a VPC set up and ready. If an issue occurs, restore
the databases to your VPC and get the files off of it. Not instantaneous,
but shouldn't take too long depending on how you back up your databases,

- Andrew Lavinsky




Sorry, I really didn’t answer your original question, 1 if you perform a save
as like you mentioned its not the same as working offline. The project is no
longer checked out to you once you perform a save as and save it locally.

I think the way you're doing it is fine for creating local copies, but I
would think it’s a bit tedious if you have a lot of projects. We create
local copies each week right after our reporting and leveling is finished,
but it’s initiated with a macro. Our local copies are in a read only shared
drive and is only used for reference only.

In your scenario, I don’t think I would want PMs making changes to a local
copy of their plan during a system failure mainly because the server copy
will most likely have changes made or time reported that is not on the local

If your EPM system is that critical to your environment, you should maybe
consider a load balancing solution. Hope this helps.

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