bar chart prints 1 unwanted horizontal row of dots & tick marks?



Office Excel 2007. Anyone encounter this? The sheet I'm printing is 19
columns wide by 69 rows high with portrait orientation. Bar chart is set
between row 25 and 47 horizontally. The x-axis is increasing months. 2
vertical bars are set between the major gridlines. It so happens that the
chart vertical gridlines are very close to lining up with the spreadsheet
cells above/below the chart. Print preview shows nothing unusual, but when
printed, 1 row right throught the middle of the chart has 1 to 2 dots and a
character high tick mark appear to the right of each right most(second) bar,
and the tick marks coinside with every spreadsheet cell gridline across the
whole chart, even into the y-axis labels and the legend on the right side.
Any experiences or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
----excel user


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