BCM 2010 DB Sharing Options


Jim D

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone knew the answers to the items below.

1. Is it possible to share a BCM 2010 database through a web server?

Right now, we have the BCM 2007 db inside a virtual machine and for our two
sales people to use it, they first need to VPN into our network. It would be
much simpler if they could simply hit the db URL over the internet. The same
server that runs the BCM virtual machine also runs Microsoft IIS Web Server
and is already hosting a web app for us.

2. Is it possible to specify what data in BCM certain users can view?
We have three categories in our db:

- General Business
- Leads
- Customers

I only want the two sales people to be able to see and edit contacts that
are in the Leads and Customers categories. The General Business category
consists of communications with people such as our tax accountant and lawyers
so they sales people should not have access to that.

Hoping someone out there can advise on this.

Thanks and best regards,


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