BCM contact history



This is what I am trying to do.

I want to send bids to contacts with mail merge thru BCM and to have a
record of the merge to be stored in the history file for the contact. I don't
really care if the document is actually link to them I just want to know that
between a certain period of time how many bids were sent to that contact. I
dont really need the merged file to be linked just the fact that something
was sent.

Is this possible in BCM or do I need to figure something out in Access?



Lon Orenstein


Our pinpoint Marketing tool will enter a Business Note in Comm. History for
each BCM contact saying "this document was sent out on this date". Check it
out at www.pinpointtools.com


Lon Orenstein
pinpointtools, llc
(e-mail address removed)
Author of Outlook 2007 Business Contact Manager For Dummies
Author of the eBook: Moving from ACT! to Business Contact Manager

William Stacey [C# MVP]

I am confused. If you link the email on that account, all sent email should
already be in history. Or maybe I misunderstand the question.


When I create a new email and I pull up the business contacts to select 10 or
12 people to send an email to, from what I can tell it automatically makes an
entry in the history for that contact.

When I create a mail merge letter for direct mail and pull up the business
I want the letter to merge with it does not make an entry in the history. I
have to save the Merged document then do a link and select off the contacts a
second time.

Was wondering if that is the only way to handle Direct mail merged
documents. of if there is a way to handle it the same as email works without
the second step.



William Stacey [C# MVP]

I just did a word merge test and mine showed up in history. Not sure why
any merge steps would make a difference as this logging is handled after the
merge step inside outlook and any of its BCM hooks. That said, this is how
I do merge. Try these steps to see if it makes a difference.

1) Select your users from Quick report and click the Create marketing
campaign from selected users button at top right (i.e. second little horn)
2) Name your campaign, select email, and select Word E-mail Merge in drop
3) Select orange link "Create a new document or file".
4) Save the blank document or add some text and save.
5) Click Launch.
6) Add your merge fields and finish the document.
7) Save the doc when your happy with it. Just click Save to keep same name.
8) Run your merge from word as normal.
9) After sending merge email - each contact (with email linking enabled)
should show the document in contact history.


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