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May 6, 2015
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Hi. I actually have 2 problems, both related to Behaviors. (1. I was using them ok then all of the sudden I could no longer edit them in any way, which means I can't verify them unless I use code view and etc. very frustrating)) and so I did about 90 minutes of net searching but not only no solution, but nothing even related to the problem except one partially) so I made a new page (start from scratch) and put quick TEST together to try a behavior on and now (2. the behavior INSERT is grayed out). Wow. Net searches on this found the partial I was talking about, saying that the element or text, etc. has to be selected and appropriate. I had "Test open layer" for example, even text color of blue (I found I had to make elements different than normal, my old ones work by doing this..) but now when I highlight the word open INSERT is grayed out. I added a layer at the end of the three words which was inserted on line 2. When I move the cursor to line 2 (both before or and after the layer symbol) the INSERT shows up. But I want the word open on line 1 to make the hidden layer visible, but it's grayed out. BOTH of these problems are very annoying if you could help. (1. this one I use ALL THE TIME because I have to test links very often since Frontpage errors the behaviors so often (I will save one and reopen it and it will be something different; I usually have to delete it anyway and start over to fix, but when I can't edit it at all, it no longer lets me know if there was an error by FP to begin with)) and (2. obviously is a problem if I can't add a behavior at all)

pic included shows highlighted work open in bold, and grayed out behavior. I attached an avi file of me going thru everything seeing what it's not doing for you called FP-Behavior.avi >> well that file won't upload so all I know to do is provide a link to it.
Thank you,
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