Bolierplate template with data shared across several users




I putting together a small app (actually in VS VB.NET rather than VBA
ut the methodology is pretty much the same) that will simply creat
various emails based on user selection and pre-exisiting text. There wa
a couple of ways I though of doing this

Each I would say has some advantages and disadvantage, but I'm after
simple way to ensure that the boilerplate text remains constant acros
all users. We run Outlook 2010 with Exchange 2003 (soon to be Exchang
2010), so if we update the text, then it remain the same for all users

1) Use some pre-built OFT file and simply do a find and replace on th
text within the OFT with that of simple text selection. The OFT fil
could be save on a network share.
2) Create a form to store the relevant text in order to build th
template. In this case I guess I would save data to an SQL back-end o
some such, but it seem a little overkill.

Has anyone written anything like this or seen any examples out there?

Also, we all have standard signature added to the new and reply mail
however, when I create the email from from the boilerplate as above,
like to display the email prior to sending. Of course, Outlook the
appends the signature, but in this instance I don't wan the signatur
added. How can I stop this from happening?

Thoughts and ideas welcome.



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