Broadcast Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Slide Show to remote viewers


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With Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, you can use Broadcast Slide Show
feature to held virtual presentation without the need to send
PowerPoint file to recipient and without using web conference software
such as WebEx and Microsoft Live Meeting.

Sender of PowerPoint slide show need to have Windows Live ID to start
to broadcast PowerPoint slide and participating audience only need to
click on the hyperlink received from sender, PowerPoint slide show
will start on web browser. If you do not have Windows Live ID, you can
sign up one at

Follow below steps to start broadcast PowerPoint presentation via web
using PowerPoint 2010:

1. Completed your PowerPoint presentation as changes is not permitted
during broadcast.

2. Click “Broadcast Slide Show” option from “Slide Show” ribbon.

3. Click at “Start Broadcast” to begin PowerPoint broadcast service

4. Enter Windows Live ID login name and credential and click Ok.

5. PowerPoint is attempting to connect to PowerPoint Broadcast

6. URL that links to presentation broadcast is presented. You can
either copy the link or choose to email generated URL to remote
viewers by using “Send in Email” link.

7. Click “Start Slide Show” button and remote viewers who open
received URL link able to watch your presentation in live mode.

8. Click “End Broadcast” button once presentation is end.

Below video show you about ability to broadcast your slide show to
anyone in the world via the internet anytime, anywhere.

Using this feature is just a simple way to perform virtual
presentation with sharing PowerPoint Slide Show from your computer
using PowerPoint 2010, if you need more advance features such as
sharing, publishing, embedded and user interaction with presentation
document then you might need to go for Google Docs service.

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