BUG REPORT: prints, but doesn't display, suppressed 1st-page H/F's


Andy Smith

I have a four-page book-layout document, which therefore prints on two sides
of one piece of paper, which I then fold in half. It has one two-page master
with facing headers and footers, and two sections, the second beginning on
page 4, the last page.

In both sections I have UNchecked the box saying "Show headers and footers
in the first page", because the first page is the front cover, and the fourth
page is the back cover. When I click the four page icons in the lower left,
the screen correctly shows page 1 without H/F's, then pages 2-3 with properly
facing H/Fs, then page 4 blank.

However, when I print it, H/F's appear on all four pages. This is neither
WYSIWYG nor WYSIWYW (what you see is what you Want).

*** This is a BUG, Redmond! ***

Has anyone else seen this? And how do I report it to Microsoft? I'll send
this book to anyone interested -- it's written and illustrated by my
six-year-old daughter, so it's not exactly copyrighted material full of
company or government secrets...


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