Buggy behavior


Scott D. Epter

I am having two very frustrating troubles running Visio
2002 Professional:

1) Shape Properties dialogs do not come up. When double-
clicking on a shape, or right clicking and selecting
properties, nothing happens. I am attempting to add text
to a UML 'Note' shape, and have not been able to do so.
If I simply select the shape and start typing, I get a
notice that 'Shape Protection and/or Layering Properties
Prevent the specified action'.

Note that this behavior is somewhat non-deterministic.
Maybe 1 time in 10 I can actually get a Properties dialog
box to appear. It happens with other shapes as well.

2) I can never exit normally. I always get a dialog that
states: 'You cannot quit Visio because a Program is
Handling an Event from Visio..." with stuff about VBA, but
I'm not running VBA.

I am running 2002 Professional with Service Pack 1 and
Help->About shows I'm at Version 10.0.2514

I've tried reinstalling SP1 to see if that helps but
nothing seems to have changed.

This is extremely frustrating. Any help that can be
provided would be greatly appreciated.




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