Building a VBA Dropdown list


lotsof questions

I have a requirement to create in a form template a
dropdown list. The items in the list, not only exceed the
number of items, but the number of characters that the
built-in dropdown field can hold.

White building the list, is there code or a switch that
can be used to make or allow the text to wrap or break?



Doug Robbins

You can't wrap text in a dropdown list.

Take a look at the following Knowledge Base Article:

WD2000: How to Create Combo Box with More Than 25 Items [Q198561]

But then you might as well start with a UserForm.

See the article "How to create a Userform" at:

Please respond to the Newsgroup for the benefit of others who may be
interested. Questions sent directly to me will only be answered on a paid
consulting basis.

Hope this helps,
Doug Robbins - Word MVP

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