Built-in bullet


Hal B

For some reason the "built-in" bullet styles in PPT2007 do not display any
bullets. In addition, the first two built-in styles (solid circle and hollow
circle) display a very funky, very small bullet instead of the plump, very
visible, visually appealing bullets that were displayed in PPT2003 and
before. When I try to modify the bullet used by these built-in styles the
built-in style remains unchanged and the modification is shown as a new
"custom" style. However, only one "custom" style can be defined, making it
useless as a way of displaying multi-level bulleted lists with distinctive
bullets for each level. Is there any way of re-defining the "built-in" bullet



Troy @ TLC

Perhaps there is a font issue on the computer (corrupt, missing)? Standard
bullets are virtually the same as PPT 2003, so should see them all as you
did previously. Other option would be to run a repair on Office and see if
remedies issue.

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