Calendar Event Body Field



I have in the form of my Outlook 2007 contact form, a scipt code tha
creates a calendar event for the contact that I have opened. I
addition to the standard areas of it, I found out that I can add to th
body area of the Calendar Event, the words from different fields in th
contact itself. So if I want to show the phone number of the contac
in the calendar event body field, there is the following where th
txtMobile has the title "Mobile Number and then below it, the phon
number which comes from the mobile number in the contact which is name

There are also othe fields from the contact that we can the same as
just refer to the name of the field.

But for an email address, it does not work. I have tried refering t
the email address name "Email" and also the Value field name, an
nothing below is the standard code line and does anyon
know what to change so it refers to the email address in the contact?
Thanks so much!!

Dim txtMobile

<> "" then txtMobile = "Mobile Number" & ": " & vbcrlf

itmappt.body =txtMobil


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