Calendar "templates" in 07?



Good afternoon-

For my work, I plan training events that consist of a 7-day schedule o
30-120-minute sessions facilitated by different instructors. Thes
events occur roughly monthly, but do not recur on a perfect basis- the
may start on any day of the month, and end 7 days later.

As it stands, I have been planning these events in Outlook by manuall
entering each "session", 4-7 sessions per day, over a 7-day period. Fo
the next repetition, I have to hammer them all in again.

What I am hoping to do is create a "template" of the 40-60 "sessions
that make up each of these training events, so that I can drop th
entire event into place on any given day in the future. Further, I'
like to maintain the ability to manage attendees of each "session" s
that I can continue to invite different instructors and resources t
each independently. Finally, I'd like to be maintain ability to dra
and drop individual "sessions' to other places in the calendar, so tha
blocks of instruction can be shuffled or swapped to accommodat
instructors' schedules.

I know this isn't necessarily called a "template", but I cannot think o
another word.

I hope that this question makes sense... I am using Outlook 2007 as par
of Office Pro Plus 2007 in an enterprise installation, if that matters


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