Can I hide an explorer or make an explorer modal




I want to offer the user a Calendar Explorer to pick a date. As long as this explorer is open he should not be able to switch to
another explorer.

Is it possible to make this explorer modal OR to hide all other active explorers as long as this explorer is used??


Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

You could set the WindowState of any other open Explorers to olMinimized.

There's no command in the object model to make an Explorer modal. You could
get the window handle for the Explorer using FindWindow() from the Win32 API
functions, then call SetWindowPos() and setting the window to HWND_TOPMOST.
That would put it on top of all other windows on the desktop in the z-order,
so effectively making it modal until dismissed or the setting is changed.
How that would affect the other Outlook operations is something you'd have
to experiment with.

If I was doing it I'd just shove a calendar picker control on a form and set
it modal until a date was picked, unless something definitely Explorer
related was required.


Hi Ken,

avtually I did what you recommended and set all other explorers to olMinimized, that works fine.
Unfortunately the Datepicker is not enough for me. I have to check first if the date is free, so an Calendareplorer works fine.


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