Can you create a custom text placeholder on any Master Slide?



PPT 2010/Windows

I am trying to add a "Subtitle" text box to the regular bullet/content slide of a Master, so that the placeholder shows up on all the bullet/content slides tied to that Master, and behaves just like the automatically generated Subtitle placeholder on the Title Slide.

I found instructions on how to create your own placeholder, select "Insert Master Placeholder" and it gives you options such as "Text" or "Content" plus other options. If I just want text for a subtitle, I select text. But the text it plops in there is BULLETED text that mirrors that bullets on the Master. FIne, so I reformat the text in the placeholder to make it look like the Subtitle Placeholder I want it to be (get rid of bullets, etc.). So far so good.

But if I change anything to the regular bullets on the main Master slide, this custom placeholder I created follows suit and takes on those changes! So annoying!

Isn't there a way to insert a custom placeholder that isn't tied to that bulleted text? It makes no sense. When you create a subtitle, it needs to stand on it's own and not change when unrelated bulleted placeholders on the Master change.

This is 2010/WIndow. Any ideas???? This is driving me crazy. Either Microsoft programmed the insert Master placeholder function very very badly, or I am doing something wrong.

(my only workaround seems to be to create textbox on the actual slide, not the Master, and copy/paste to any content slide where I want a subtitle - inconvenient to my users).



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