can you create a dynamic chart in an xlt templet



I have set up a dynamic chart using the Defined Name
=OFFSET(Template!$C$#,,,COUNTA(Template!$C$3:$C$20000),1) Named datalabel,
and Defined Name =OFFSET(datalabel,0,1) Named data. These named ranges where
saved in chart1.xls and worked fine. However, When I re-created the same
Defined Names in chart 2.xlt and tried use them in a chart, a message
returned Referrence not valid, Work book must be open? chart2.xlt was open?



Tushar Mehta

Is 'Template' the name of the worksheet or the workbook? If the former, it
should work -- I just verified it. If the latter, change your workbook so
that the defined names have a scope of the worksheet. To create such a
defined name, define the name as {worksheet name}!{actual name} rather than
just {actual name}.
Tushar Mehta
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