Cannot add profile: there was an error accessing your system registry

Discussion in 'Outlook Configuration' started by John Faughnan, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. While rebuilding a "shattered" Windows XP Pro system (it's a long
    story) I reinstalled Office XP and attempted to add a profile to
    Outlook. I got the error message "there was an error accessing your
    system registry".

    A number of google searches and knowledge base searches turned up very
    little. One other person posted on this but there was no fix. Since
    I've fixed it, I figure I'll share what I did for the benefit of

    Suspicious causes:

    1. Installing Visio 2000 and FrontPage 2000 AFTER installing Office
    Pro XP. I'm especially suspicious of Visio, which replaced some system
    files and installed an old version of Visual Basic.


    1. Completely uninstalled Office XP and FrontPage 2000. Restarted.
    2. Installed Office XP Pro with FrontPage (FP 2002). Did not install
    service packs at this point.
    3. Added the profile successfully.
    4. Installed the service packs.

    I think this was a spurious error message. I think the problem was not
    related to the registry.

    meta: jfaughnan, jgfaughnan, Outlook XP, Windows XP, cannot add
    profile, registry error, configuration, setup, errro
    John Faughnan, Feb 3, 2004
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