Cannot copy/paste entire page from one doc to another

Discussion in 'Publisher' started by golddust, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. golddust


    Dec 18, 2012
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    I'm the newsletter editor for a large computer club. Officers, etc. send me their monthly reports as a Publisher file and I copy/paste it into the page I have setup for that report. Up until a couple of months ago everything worked fine. Now when I copy/paste their report, the text (body of the report) along with any inserted pictures do not transfer - only the background,and bannerhead. I have to go back, highlight and copy/paste the body of the report as well as copy/paste any images inserted into the body of the report. Doesn't matter who I receive the page from, I have the same problem - so it can't be something someone is doing.

    I'm using Publisher 2010 - and even tried it in the beta of Publisher 2013. No difference - same problem.
    golddust, Dec 18, 2012
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