cannot open docx file reliably


Hermann Maier


sorry for my bad english, its not my first language ... but i will try
my best ;-)

I have an unnerving problem opening a docx file. Sometimes it works
without any problems but every 4 to 5 times word hangs. On task manager
the process WINWORD.EXE needs all resources from one cpu core and ends
only if i kill the process.

I tried many solutions but nothing works.
1) macros are deactivated
2) Add-Ins are deactivated, as far as possible
3) i've tried to repair the docx file with a program called docx-repair
without any success

You should know: This document is a collaboration and it is edited by a
few people, maybe with different office versions.
I tried to copy the text to an empty document. This worked, but the
notes made by the users were not taken. However this is strongly
necessary, so this is no solution for my problem.

Has anybody of you an approach to reach a solution for this problem?
I am happy about any hints - thanks a lot!

best regards,



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