can't delete table shapes from an ERD without loosing base tables



I have problem. When I have a duplicate table on my ERD diagram and
go to delete one of them it deletes both of them and even worse it
deletes the base table in "tables and views". I got all those tables
from reverse engineering a SQL database and I don't want them to be
deleted just because I delete a table shape from my diagram. I cannot
figure out what the "options" would be to change it. The options
don't make sense to me:

*Always drop from model
*drop from model only if last occurrence on diagram
*never drop from model
*ask user what to do

I have chosen "never drop from model" but as I said if I happen to
delete a table shape from my ERD then that base table in "tables and
views" is gone forever. I just want to move it to a 2nd page. What
is going on here?



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