Can't figure out how to upload a page off of the server

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I need help editing my website.

I have built a form on my site, and set it to send me an email with the
results. The problem is that when I upload it to the web, the form doesnt
work. I figured out by going into the server's copy of the page that it was
entering "<form action=--WEBBOT-SELF-- method=post>" instead of posting
"<form method=post action="thankyou.php">" like it was supposed to.

My problem is though that I can't figure out how to change the original
publisher file so that I don't have to manually go in and change that line of
the HTML file everytime I upload it. If anyone has any help with this problem
or can help me at all, please let me know!




Rob Giordano [MS MVP]

You'll have to change it everytime you make a change and publish it...that's
how Publisher works...or rather that's how Publisher doesn't work with
outside html.




Here are some instructions recently posted by Spike that might help:

"Here are general instructions for GoDaddy form mail using the FTP process

CGI Mail form
If your ISP supports cgi and has a form handling program then a form created
in publisher will function using FTP upload rather than front page server
extensions to upload the pages.

You must tell the server what e mail address you want the form results sent
to. Some ISP's are different than others. Check with the ISP help section
on handling forms for that information.

Locate the cgi form handler file on the server. It is probably in the cgi
or cgi-bin folder. Again ISP's are not all the same.

For example, if the form handler is in the cgi folder and it is named
myform.cgi then the path for the handler in publisher will be "
/cgi/myform.cgi " without the quotes.

In publisher create a page for your form and build the form.
In the form properties window select "Use a program from my ISP"
In the action section insert the path you discovered above. Example for is " /cgi/gdform.cgi " without the quotes.

From method is Post

In the hidden fields window: enter under Item "subject" no quotes an in
the item value for subject enter a subject line that you want on the form
when you receive it.

Below the subject enter "redirect" no quotes if you want have a thank you
page built and in the item value enter the path to your thank you page

Example: " /thank_you/thankyou.htm " the thankyou.htm file is located in
the thank_you folder in the root directory.
The thank you page may have a link back to the page where you came from or
any where else you so desire or an auto redirect script with a delay.
The auto redirect script is inserted using the HTML fragment function and
looks like:

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="4; url=/index.htm">

In this case the time delay is 4 seconds and the page that will come up is
the index.htm."

To access the form properties, double click the submit button.

There is some on-line help about forms here:


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