Can't import DAT file



Hello everyone,

I have tried to import a DAT file into Access 2002 without success. I have
used File/Import in Access, have changed the extension to txt, rtf, doc, xls,
and several other formats. Each time I import or open the file with its new
extension, the data is all symbols with text spread throughout. Am I missing
a step?

Any help appreciated.



Douglas J. Steele

Where did the DAT file come from? That's a fairly generic extension. From
your description, it sounds as though it's storing data in a proprietary
format, in which case you may not be able to import it.

If you can find out what application created it, perhaps that application
has the ability to export to a format that Access can recognize.


Hi Douglas
Thanks for your response. The file came from a Church software package and
I only have the data file itself, not the software so I can't give you any
details on it. Unless a miracle happens in the next little while, I will
assume that we can't import the data and that client must re-enter everything
into their new software.

Thanks again



John Nurick

Not all is yet lost. First, some people seek obfuscattion by using
Access/Jet databases with non-standard extensions. Did you try making a
copy of the file and renaming it something.mdb?

Assuming that fails: You said that when you rename and open the file all
you see is symnbols with text spread throughout. Try this:

-Rename the file to something.txt.
-If possible, open it with Notepad.

Do you now see a regular pattern of readable text fields among binary
data, with each successive set of text fields corresponding to a record
in the data? If so, it may be possible without too much difficulty to
extract at least these into a format Access can read. If the data's not
too confidential and the file's not too big (up to a couple of
megabytes), email it to me and I'll have a quick go at it this weekend.
(Remove the bogus middle name from my email address or it won't work.)

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