Can't make form smaller in Form View Access 2007


Bob H

I have a form which I want to use on a main form when a cmd button is
pressed. This itself works, but no matter how I try to make the 2nd form
smaller in design view it still opens up in a full screen.
When I select the form footer to drag it either up or down, it also
moves the form up or down and not independantly, as it does on other
forms in another database. I've also tried selecting/deselecting
properties in design view, but nothing works.

Help please.



Linq Adams via

Access form's inherit, if you will, the size of the previous form that was

If the main form, containing the command buttton, was full screen then a
second from opened by way of a command button will also open full screen
(Maximized) unless you intervene.

Try placing this code in the code module for your second form:

Private Sub Form_Load()
End Sub

This should force your form to open to the size you have in Design View.

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