Can't use fax template anymore....



Strange problem here. Been using a specific fax template (attached) for a few
years (with no problems), which is also shown and located at the following link

I'm using Office 2003 with SP2 installed.

All of a sudden, it only prints the data on the lines inside the border, not the
entire template, which includes the graphic "FAX" word and the surrounding
border. Same with the print preview function -- it's as if the graphic part of
the template isn't even there. I downloaded it again, even tried placing the file in a different place and bringing it up from there, but the problem
remains. Haven't done anything different to the system, though I did install XP
SP2 since I last sent a fax. Still can't imagine why that would make a

Tried a bunch of other templates at random from those at those pages, and they
all downloaded and print fine, just as they are shown.

Anyone have a clue what's happened to my system that it doesn't want to use this
template anymore?


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