Caption Numbering Not Sequential....



I've never run across this problem.

Using Word 2000
Captions are numbering themselves randomly. Sometimes
they are sequential; other times they skip numbers and are
labeled by even or odd numbers.

I'm not using text boxes or anchoring the caption to a
floating object.

There is no surrounding text formatted as a caption.

The field code looks normal.

I've tried right-clicking and updating fields as well as
selecting all text and updating field. Doesn't work.

I can't find anything in the knowledge-base. Can anyone
help??? I'm actually a tech writer and have never run into
this in 7 years of tech writing!! :-(




This could DEFINITELY be the problem!! Thanks so much!
The other tech writer and I wer BOTH stumped! :)

-----Original Message-----
Usually (but maybe not always) when this has happened to
me it was because there were tracked changes in the
document that weren't being displayed and included deleted
captions. A bug in Word (at least in 97 and 2000) seems
to be that these are counted in the numbering. The fix I
recommend, if this is what is causing your problem:
a.. Display tracked changes
b.. If Track Revisions is turned on, turn it off
c.. Select each deleted caption and unlink fields with [Ctrl + 6].
d.. Update all fields in your document ( [Ctrl + A], F9)
Hope this helps

"Laura" <[email protected]> wrote in
message news:[email protected]

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