Category Limits, Mail Merges, and MS Word




For the sake of argument, lets say I have 160 custom categories, and
want to pick 80 of those categories to include in a mail merge (figure
are approximate). Is this possible with so many?

Scenario: In Outlook Contacts, I click "View"->"Filter"->"Mor
Choices"-"Categories" and tick 80 of the categories. Then I go to "Mai

Problem 1: For some reason, when I merge into a word document, not al
contacts have been included. It appears that, in particular, contact
that have similar category names are missing (e.g. lets say categorie
are named "GB Participant 2003", "GB Participant 2004","GB Participan
2005" etc etc etc up to current year) - only a few of them are include
in the merge.

Problem 2: I have a particular Contact, which I have named "Test", wh
has been assigned all 160 categories. When I do a 'mail merge' wit
just this one contact, and include the merge field "Categories" in th
word document (to hopefully output a comma separated list of al
categories into the word document) it will only output a list of 67 o
the 180 categories, again, mostly skipping over several of th
'similarly named' categories


Any help appreciated!


Using office 2010 suite


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