category symbols in Visio Professional



I'm not sure what the category shape is for? My guess is it is for a
sub-table that is a list of a category of a main table? What I would
do in the past is use a regular table shape for a category table in
standard Visio only make it smaller. Is there a place totype in the
field defintion or values in this main category shape that kind of
looks like a head with arms like in the entity symbol? In the
definition info section it looks like you can't enter anything.

For example, I have a category called "company_type_description".
That is connected by the company_id from the company table to the
company_type_description category sub-table.
On my ERD do I just put the head with arms symbol and a child to
parent category connector to connect it to the company table via
company_id? It doesn't tell me what the field is but I guess I would
know it is a company category field.



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