Cell, methods, properties



I am trying to understand EventSink Class included in
Microsoft Office -> Office12 -> VisSDK -> Samples -> Office Plan.
I need a reference (Web, book) to properties, methods and events
of objects like Cell, Shape, Application e.g.:

Application - get_EventInfo
Application - get_IsInScope
Shape - get_CellExistsU
Shape - get_CellsU
Cell - get_ResultInt
Master - get_ItemU

Really need help on this one.


Thanks for yours answers.

Visio 2007 Solution Development Workshop might be of great help
and Developing Microsoft Visio Solutions is OK.

However I'm still looking for stuff like get_CellExistsU (e.g.)

Developing Microsoft Visio Solutions ->
Appendix A, Properties, Methods, and Events by Object says:
"For details about an object, property, method, or event, see the
Microsoft Visio Developer Reference (on the Help menu, click Developer
It looks weird to me:
Visio Help -> Visio Developer Home -> Visio Automation Object Model
Reference -> Cell Object
(so far so good)
-> Events = blank page
-> Methods = blank page
-> Properties = blank page


David J Parker [MVP Visio]

Are you looking at the Documentation in the downloaded Visio SDK?
If so, it all looks god to me.

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