Centering Website in Publisher



I have read all of the postings by Spike & David F & they have been helpful.
This being stated, the website that I have designed has a custom width of
1500pc & when I update that number in

</head><table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="2"

for 760 it does not work? Furthermore, when I have decreased the custom
width & it does work it only works for the home page in a five page publisher
website file.
Please advise...Spike?


The width in the code snippet must be the same as the width of your page. In
your case you are using pages that are 1500 pixels wide which is a mistake
in my opinion. In most case the viewer will have to scroll horizontally to
view your pages which is a big design no-no. Your pages should be no wider
than 984 pixels wide, which is the widest default in Publisher. Furthermore
if you insist on leaving your pages 1500 pixels wide, there is no need to
center them, because once again almost everybody will have to scroll
horizontally to view all the page anyway.

As per the code only working on the first page...that is probably because
you only changed the code on the first page. The code needs to be edited on
each page, each time you change the Publisher publication and publish. That
is why we recommended using replaceinfile @ .You can follow Maureen's more complete
directions for how to use replaceinfiles in your other post.

Once again, please reconsider 1500 pixel width pages. This is a big design



DavidF, I appreciate it, this helps. If I changed the width to 984px would it
be possible to have the background color anything other than white?
Please advise...


Sure...just go to Format > Background.

You might want to read this old article by David Bartosik. Although he wrote
this before we figured out how to center Publisher web pages, I think a lot
of what he writes makes sense and might convince you that you don't even
need to center your pages. A left justified 984 pixel wide page is not going
to have a lot of padding on the right side for most people.

Understanding background padding in a Publisher web (aka white space):


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