centralise a publication in outlook e-mail



Would like to know how to centre an e-mail newsletter so when its opened it
will open in the middle of the page. At the moment when I send it to the
distribution list it opens on the left of their email page. Any help would be

Thanx, Robin


I doubt that you can do this. Publisher produces left justified code by
default without a built-in option of centering it.

We have figured out how to center a Publisher web page, but that requires
editing the html code after producing it from the Pub file. I am assuming
that you are emailing your newsletter directly from Publisher which means
you won't have the option of editing the source code before it is sent.



David, actually there may be a way.

You save the Publisher document as a web page on your local drive. Next, you
launch the saved web page on your local browser (not preview). Then you "Save
as" each page displayed in your local browser in mht format. Finally you send
each page as attachments to the email.

I tried it and it worked.

The one set-back is that the recipient must save the attachments on his hard
drive before viewing them. Attempting to open them directly from the email
will result in an incomplete page.


I forgot one step, of course, and that is to insert the centering html code
(varies depending on Publisher version) in the Notepad source file of each
page before saving in mht format.

I'm not very good at explaining things, perhaps one of you guys should try
this method and summarize it in a better form.



A good thought, and perhaps the OP will use it.

However if I understand what you are suggesting then the .mht file will open
in a browser and center in the browser window, correct? I read the post as
the OP wanting it to open in the "email page"...to center in the message
pane of the email client of the recipient. If the OP is open to an
attachment, then converting the newsletter to a pdf is a another method to



You are probably right David, Robin may have wanted the newsletter as an
integral part of the email.

I always thought newsletters were attached documents, but as you suggested
PDF is as good if not a better solution.

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