Chart axis custom date format



Dear all!

Excel 2003, charting.

On Y axis I have scale from 0 to 7, and when I go to "format axis-
number-custom" I can input formula "[Blue][<4]#.###,0;[Red][>4]#.###,
0;#.###,0" which colors the scale as I would like.

On X axis I have dates (1.jan.06, 1.feb.06, 1.mar.06....1.jun.08). Is
it possible to write similar formula as above on x axis - for instance
if date is less than 1.jan.07 then color it red, if less than 1.jan 08
than color it blue? This would allow to have on X axis only date
format "mmm" and the colors would help differentiate between years 06,
07, 08.
I tried to input dates in the conditions, I googled- can't find the

I know that it could be possible to achieve this by adding dummy
series and formatting them to show different dates in different
colors, but this is much to complicated for one time job...

Thank you!


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