Chart x axis problem



I have the following problem
I create a graph from the following table. This table at first time contains
only one line data and every hour data increaments. The chart works ok except
from the first time where the table contains only a single line data. And the
problem is at x axis series the description writes only the time and not
time, type and fail description.
Here is my table with a single line data
1 A/A Time Type TRD TRD Descr %Fail
2 381 8:00 CORG 55 org to oper 10

my Data Range is =sheetname!$B$2:$F$2

my series on values: =sheetname!$F$2:$F$2
my series on x axies:=sheetname!!$B$2:$E$2

Pleace notice that if the data is more than one line the description in the
x axis appears ok now that is one line is just write 8:00 and the value is
graph ok in the chart. How can I fix this error ???

Please help me is emergency
Thank you

Jon Peltier

I could not convince Excel to use the multiple line axis labels when
there is only one category. You may have to include a blank row in the
source data. You have to enter a space character into cell A3, so Excel
thinks it contains some text, and spaces the labels the way you want.

- Jon

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