Charting with irregularly spaced x-axis




Trying to make a chart where the x axis is number-of-days
from a start-date, and y axis is a value measured on the
particular date.

For example, the columns may be:

Date Days from Start Measurement
02/12/09 1 120
06/12/09 5 134
09/12/09 8 118
18/12/09 17 109


I want a line chart showing the measurement vs days
which I can do - BUT...

I would like the x axis (days from start) to be
spaced according to the number of days, which as
you can see from the above are not evenly spaced.
In other words, if there have been several days
between measurements, I want a longer gap on the
x axis than if there have been two measurements
taken on consecutive days: I will try to draw it:

| .
| .
| .
| .
0 0 0 1 (Days since start)
1 5 8 7

Where "." are the measurements taken on a particular day.

I can't find a way to "spread" the x axis according
to the days-since-start column. The spread of the x
axis seems to be constant and doesn't give a true
picture if measurements are not taken on a regular

Can anyone suggest a way to achieve this?

Also I would like to be able to add new rows and for
them to get automatically added to the chart. Is that

I have Excel 2003

Thanks in advance



create the chart with the XY Scatter chart type, then the X axis wil
be scaled with the gaps according to the values.

With your data sample Column A = Date, column B = Days from start
column C = measurement, set up the XY data series with

Series X values =Sheet1!$B$2:$B$5
Series Y values =Sheet1!$C$2:$C$5



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