Co-ordinates plotting on Graph //sk



Hi !!

Just wanted to check as to how can i plot the below co-ordinates on X & Y
axis along with the name of the co-ordinates :

Products - A , B, C, D
Co-ordinates1 - 10, 20, 30, 40 (to be plotted on X-Axis)
Co-ordinates2 - 20, 30, 40, 50 (to be plotted on Y-Axis)

A (10, 20)
B (20, 30)
C (30, 40)
D (40, 50)

The graph should also display the Products & its resp co-ordinates.

Pls. help me with plotting this data on an excel chart / graph.



Jon Peltier

Put this data into three columns:

A (10, 20)
B (20, 30)
C (30, 40)
D (40, 50)

Select the second two columns (the X and Y values), and create an XY chart.
To apply the first column to the points as labels, you could add labels to
the chart using any of the default options, like series name, and then edit
each label. After editing the third or fourth label, this becomes rather
tedious, but you can use one of these fine free Excel utilities to do the
labeling for you:

Rob Bovey's Chart Labeler,
John Walkenbach's Chart Tools,

The best part, is that they can put a link from the label to the cells, so
that changing a cell (e.g., from A to Alpha) changes the label on the data

- Jon

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