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Discussion in 'Excel' started by stefano, Apr 3, 2018.

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    Apr 3, 2018
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    when I activate a specific form I generate the commandbuttons according to the data present in a list with the following code

    Private Sub UserForm_Activate()

    Dim id As Range
    Dim theCombut_ID(1 To 100) As clsButton
    Dim CheckBoxTop As Integer
    CheckBoxTop = 10
    cnt = Sheets(“riepilogo”).Range(“A1”)
    For cont = 1 To cnt
    Set theCombut_ID(cont) = New clsButton
    Set theCombut_ID(cont).cmdButton = Controls.Add(“Forms.CommandButton.1”)
    With theCombut_ID(cont).cmdButton
    .Name = “CB” & cont
    .Value = False
    .Caption = “”
    .Top = CheckBoxTop
    .Left = 12
    .Height = 18
    .Width = 110
    End With
    CheckBoxTop = CheckBoxTop + 19
    cnt = cont + 3
    TEXT_CB = Sheets(“riepilogo”).Range(“A” & cnt)
    C01 = Sheets(“riepilogo”).Range(“A” & cnt).Interior.Color
    theCombut_ID(cont).cmdButton.Caption = Me.Controls(“CB” & cont).Name
    theCombut_ID(cont).cmdButton.BackColor = C01
    End Sub

    when I write the code at the click of one of the commandbuttons created

    Public Sub CB1_Click()
    Dim rif As Variant
    cnta = Sheets(“riepilogo”).Range(“A1”)
    TEXT_CB = Sheets(“riepilogo”).Range(“A4”)
    rif = Selection.Address
    Range(rif).Value = “ffffff”
    End Sub

    nothing happens and above all with recognizing the commandbutton and I can not understand why

    thank you
    stefano, Apr 3, 2018
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