Comment Box in html format


Rishi Beriwala

The screenTips comment box does not appear when the cursor
is placed over the shape containing the comment when the
drawing is viewed by using Visio Viewer or when the
drawing is saved in html format and viewed using any web



Dick Hamilton \(MS\)

Hi Rishi,

Shape comments are not exported and not available in a Visio 2002 drawing's
Save as Web output. The abililty to display a comment string in the web
output is under consideration for a future version. You can check progress
on the new version at:

One option to do this is to use shape custom properties to store the
comments so they will appear in the Web output when the VML save as web
output option is used, or to put the comments in a second shape hyperlink so
that the comments will appear in the hyperlink menu when it is invoked. I
hope this helps.

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