Common "Sent" Folder in Outlook 2013 for Multiple Email Accounts


Russ Buege

I use and Outlook 2013 on a PC with Windows 7. My account is synced with Outlook 2013 on my pc. In I have a email address and I added a my gmail address to it. The added gmail address is a "send only" account and I forwarded mail from gmail to my account. When I send an email from I can choose which address the email comes from (either gmail or the outlook address) and ineither case the email shows up in the one common "Sent" folder. This all works like I would like.

Here is my question. I want the same behavior in Outlook 2013 on my pc. Icreated an EAS account (.ost) that syncs with the account and that all works fine. I also added a POP account (.pst) for the gmail address so I could have the option of sending from that account while in Outlook2013. The problem is that created a second account with its own set of folders. When I select an email to be sent from there the email goes into that sent folder. I would like all emails to go to one common sent folder (the outlook account (.ost) "sent" folder) so it stays in sync with

Any thoughts on how to do this?

Thanks in advance.


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