Conditional Format Tracker by Date


Dax Arroway

I'm building a tracker to make sure paperwork is done on time.

I'd like to use conditional formatting to compare the dates and color the
cells for easier tracking.

The compare TO date is column D.
In column E, we have 7 days to write the plan so if there is no date in that
column, turn red. When a date is entered turn green if within 7 days but
yellow if it's past 7 days.
In column F, same as column E but only 3 days for that one. (I can figure
that out if I get a working forumla for column E.)
In column G, we get a date that they're paid through. This is not connected
to the start date but is compared to today. If it's within 20 days of today,
cell turn yellow. If within 14 days, turn orange. If 7 days, turn blue.
And if its today or later, turn red.
In column H, same as column G but the days are different. (If I can get a
formula for column G, I can just change the numbers.)

Any help with this is greatly appreciated. I'm running Word03 and I just
can't figure out the IF statements with the Dates and the TODAY thing. Can
you please help??? Thanks in advance.

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