Conditional Formatting & Macro



Is it possible to write a Macro to make changes 2 another Macro. I have a
complicated macro which may have 100 formulas, each day I add data which then
requires I make the same change to all these formulas & where they r applied
by the macro 2 a worksheet. By that I mean I must add the same number 2 the
row number in these formulas & positions. There may be 50 numbers to change &
somtimes 100's of each number, at the moment I use "Find & Replace" 2 do
this. Is it possible 2 have a macro or other application, with which I could
say add 1 to all numbers between 400 & 700 in Module X?

Other ? I have a vertical list of numbers, I wish to apply Conditional
Formatting 2 them. If they r all <=0, the colour scale would be lowest "red",
middle "yellow" & highest "green", if they r all >= 0 "green" lowest,
"yellow" middle & "red" highest, if they vary from - numbers 2 + numbers the
lowest would b "red", half way between lowest & 0 yellow", 0 "green", half
way between 0 & highest "yellow", highest "red". These would of course b
gradient colours.

Regards & Thanks

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