Conditional Formula formatting



I'm trying to get a cell color coded (B36) based on a formula result in
another cell (H3), based on several different parameters, i.e.:

If H3>60, I want cell B36 background to turn green
If H3 <=60 AND => 30, I want cell B36 background to turn yellow
If H3 <30, I want cell B36 background to turn red

I've tried multiple conditional formatting, IF functions, and simple
formulas and nothing seems to work -- I don't get any color formatting no
matter what formula variation I try.

Any suggestions?

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Select cell B36 and go to the conditional format dialog box.
Condition1 formula is: =$H$3>60
Condition2 formula is: =$H$3>=30

You don't need a condition for H3<30 because that will be your default
status and default color. You only test and change color when it
reaches/crosses 30. Since conditional formats test for condition1 first,
then if H3>60, it returns the color and stops testing for condition2. If
condition1 is false, then it test for condition2, so you already know H3 is
not greater than 60 and don't even need to test for it being under 60.


Hi Leona, I haven't looked at your posting in detail but I did something
similar for somebody else earlier in (in EXCEL 2007).

Check out:-

- item 50 towards the top of the page.

It may help.

Please hit Yes if my comments have helped.


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