Conflict between local and remote web site



Hi Everybody,

My web space provider, 1& , stopped supporting Front Page , on their
Linux web hosting. And I've heard they will soon stop support of extensions
on their Windows web hosting too.
At 1st, I thought that this would only disable my visitor counter, which
it did. But now when I attempt to update the site via ftp, I receive warnings
from Front Page telling me that all my web pages ( local to remote ) are now
in conflict because of my using Front Page back ground themes and my link
bar. And removing those items from my web site would just about wipe out my
web site.
Although the visitor counter no loner works, the background themes and the
link bar are still working on my remote web site. But Front Page is telling
me that there is a problem, with those features since server extensions are
no longer in use. And before disaster strikes , I would like some advice on
how I can resolve the local to remote conflict, which would leave all my
Front Page features in good working order .
Thank you !!

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