Connected shapes layer inheritance



I am trying to see if there is anyway for shapes to inherit layer properties
when two shapes are connected. For example I have a shape "table" with
connection points on it directed in/out. I also have a different shape
"plate" that has an in/out connection point.

The table is only on a table layer when not connected, and the plate is only
on a dishes layer when not connected. What I want to do is when I place the
plate onto the table and the connection points join to form one object that
can be moved as one I want the table's layer to also have the dishes layer

So when I filter out in the layer properties for "table" it will show both
the table and dish. But I don't want it to be both ways.

What I mean by that is when I select dishes from the layer properties I
don't want to see the table.

I hope this depiction of my desire for shape relationship has made sense,
and if so is there a way to do it that anyone knows of.

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