contentcontrol type wdContentControlDropdownList after insert ...


ramon m. r.

Hi, I have a little problem with contentcontrols, I discuss my situation:

I have a document with various contentcontrols, some type list, previously created, except that it contain no items on your list. I have captured the event ContentControlOnEnter, that when type is List is populated with appropriate values ??to the control. it works perfectly.
The problem comes when we have to regenerate part of the document, more especially re-create a content control type list with no elements, the method OnContentControlOnEnter runs fine without exceptions, I see after that it still has elements like control list, however in the document did not I bring up the list of options, at first seems like control text.

And now comes the most curious, if I change my view, for example, I'm in desing-printing mode and then change to draft mode I back to desing-printing mode and now if I see the list of control options.

Anyone have any idea what the reason for this problem??

P.D. Excuse for my english level


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