Convert to MDE



I have become responsible for an Access database. I have
the .mdb but it is the .mde that must be loaded on site.
I have made changes to the .mdb and have taken a copy so
that I can convert it to an .mde. The problem I have is
when I go to Tools, Database Utilities the Make MDE File
option is not available. How do I get it to become am
option or is there another way to create am .mde ??
The database has compiled OK





Van T. Dinh

With Access 2K0 or later, it gets confusing.

For example, A2K2 software can open an A2K0 file format natively (i.e. no
needs to convert to A2K2 file format). However, to use A2K2 software to
create an MDE, the MDB file needs to be in A2K2 file format and NOT A2K0
file format. If you have A2K0 file format, you need to convert it to A2K2
file format first.

I am not sure about A2K3 software but I am sure if it is not above, you can
post your Access software version and your database (MDB) file format,
someone can advise you re your combination.

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