Converting a 2003 Access VBA DB to 2007




I have an Access VBA Database with many forms, tables, queries, and reports.
It also have a security file for permission purposes.

The DB is currently in Access 2003. How do I migrate it to 2007?

I tried opening it in 2007, but I recieved a message stating that I do not
have permissions to open the startup form.



Arvin Meyer [MVP]

If your database is secured, you'll need to use the .MDW file that was used
to secure your database originally. If you have replaced it with a new
version, you are basically out of luck unless you can find someone to crack
it. If you do have the security file, create a shortcut to open your
database like:

C:\Program Files\Office12\MSACCESS.EXE "C:\Projects\App.mdb" /wrkgrp

Then login. You will need, of course, an admin account or be the database
owner to have permissions to make the conversion.



a a r o n . k e m p f

Jet security has been a hassle-- and it's just plain not secure.

It's best to get away from using this type of security. That is why
this security model was removed from Access 2007.

SQL Server has a much much much simpler security model, you can easily
use ActiveDirectory groups and users.

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